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SoundExchange, & SOCAN (Canada)
Internet Radio PRONETLicensing

Stations You can get your Internet Radio Station legal today!
For your listeners in the U.S. and Canada
You have to put your $.10 (really $.0021) in the jukebox to play songs!

We look similar to StreamLicensing and are modelled after them but a separate company.
(Because of StreamLicensing or other provider closing down we will offer their customers a $79.95 plan until Dec 2022.
Select the $79.95 plan on the 'Pricing and signup' page.
You also need to select a SoundExchange plan $1,000/yr see our website and signup page for why (we allow it in two payments).

New customer signups and as of January 1, 2021 if our 'Pricing & Signup' page does not display
send an E-mail to and we will manually add
and send an invoice and start your licensing. Coverage is same day upon payment.

We are not closed but updating some of the website, and we continue to provide coverage.

Our license covers you and includes your music reporting and your royalty, you pay the performance fees by paying us for SoundExchange. For now with rates - Our prices are with no ad, pre-inserts, or video commercial inserts added to our music players or use your music player. This allows you to sale your own advertising to your customers.

Have a question send us an E-mail 24/7 or click if you need a stream host provider try this provider or here's another.

Welcome For-profit and Non-profit streamers - We are here to help you.
Click for Announcements:
On system or stream problems will be here Licensing website down View pricing .pdfCall us today M-F 1:00pm-6:30pm EST
(202) 436-9763 prefer contact us by E-mail
How to stream
PRONETLicensing supports Shoutcast Versions 1 & 2 and Icecast-KH.(Icecast 2 (non-KH) version supported.)
We're affordable with monthly affiliate costs with new higher rates our lowest plan $99.95 See Guesstimate page for rates and SoundExchange for Non-profits.Contact us for quotes and questions on ratesClick here to see pricing and signup of $.0021 song performance feex#listenersx24hrsday. We also provide a separate service and reports for GoDirect licensees and AM/FM Stations.
To see our players/or bring your own Open this page to view another this or Listen to a station
(Player works on Shoutcast mp3 and Icecast-KH mp3 and AAC+ streams.) and you get an album widget.

We also provide you with an app that plays on mobile devices.
Includes Bonus, Instant and Legal Apps (IOS and Android) for all your Shoutcast and Icecast-KH streams. Your App display your station only.
PRONETLicensing coverage includes blanket coverage and reporting for SOCAN (Canada). We Make It Easy! Affordable Music Licensing And Reporting In Five Easy Steps:
1) Sign up for our service.
2) Enter your station and stream data. See our F.A.Q. page for more information.
3) We explain the minor website modifications you MUST make to meet copyright rules. See our F.A.Q for more information. Use our player or yours (player must be hosted under our domain.)

4) Once steps 1-3 are completed, install our PRONETLicensing Validation Banner/Link on your website. File your monthly Gross Revenue and Expense reports using our online report form. We take care of the rest! For full details see our F.A.Q.
Features Included At No Extra Charge:
  • Custom Content Folder included Free! This allows you to meet copyright law and brand your player and links.
  • Our Agreement allows you to run In-Stream Commercials if you wish.
  • Prompt & Friendly Customer Service.

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